Frequently Asked Questions


Adolescent Health History Form Teenagers are very important to us at Skylands Pediatrics, and we know teenagers have unique health needs. Preteen and teen well exams are an excellent time to address with your child's physician any concerns either of you have, whether it's related to physical, social or psychological issues. Part of your well exam may include a questionnaire. You may download the form from our website (Adolescent Health History Form) before the well exam, and it should be filled out by the teenage patient. This form is used for discussion purposes only. Teens and parents are encouraged to ask any question regarding health or psychological needs. The physicians and nurses are receptive to all the concerns pertaining to teenagers. Issues may be addressed during the visit.

High School Sports Physicals You can download the Athletic Physical Form prior to your exam if you need one. Remember-- we cannot fill out sports/camp/school forms without a recent well exam. Book your appointment as soon as you can, to get the date and physician of your choice.

College Forms College forms are unique to each school. Every college bound student will require a separate college physical. Immunizations may be required. Some schools may have specific requests for laboratory tests. Bring your form to the office at the time of the exam. Remember to set up an appointment as soon as possible in the spring, and congratulations!