Frequently Asked Questions

For New Parents

  • When you choose Skylands Pediatrics for your child's care, all you have to do is let your admitting OB know, and they will notify us when your baby is born. The Pediatric Hospitalist at Newton Memorial Hospital will see your baby in the hospital and then you can schedule your initial visit with the pediatrician of your choice in one of our offices.

  • If you deliver your baby at another local hospital, the on call pediatrician at that facility will examine your baby. Regardless of where you deliver your baby, you will need to make an appointment with our office following your discharge (when the baby is 3-5 days old).

  • Remember to add your baby to the insurance policy as soon as possible. This will insure proper reimbursement for the baby's hospital costs. Your plan may allow 15-30 days to do this, but delays in processing could cause payments to be denied.

  • If you are on a NJ State Medicaid Plan (Horizon NJ Health or Americhoice) you will need to take the crib card to the Medicaid Office and have the baby added. You must also select one of the state plans (Horizon NJ Health or Americhoice) and select one of our physicians as the baby's primary care physician as soon as possible.