Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Websites

We are committed to providing you with credible online health information and are pleased to provide links to the following health resources. Skylands Pediatrics is not responsible for the content or for subsequent links that may be provided. Information contained in these sites should not serve as a substitute for medical advice from the physicians at Skylands Pediatrics.

  1. - This American Academy of Pediatrics site has a variety of parenting issues such as breast feeding, car seat safety, behavior problems and pediatric health.

  2. - The Center for Disease control lists the most current requirements for vaccinations for children. This site also has many useful links and information regarding necessary healthcare precautions and immunizations for families traveling to foreign countries.

  3. - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia covers all aspects of vaccine safety and recommendations on current vaccines.

  4. - A great resource for parents and teens regarding topics of concern for this age group.

  5. - American Association of Poison Control Centers details information. The phone number for poison control is 1-800-222-1222.

  6. - La Leche League provides information and resources for breast-feeding.

  7. - For information regarding ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

  8. - For information regarding child safety seats.

  9. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, detailing product recalls.

  10. - Helpful source of information for children with food allergies.

  11. - info on nutrition, fitness, meal planning

  12. --patient information on diseases, drugs, and other health topics, including health information in 40 languages

  13. Useful information for parents new to the Pike County,PA area.

  14. -information regarding autism and autism spectrum diseases

  15. - Helpful information regarding our local affiliated hospital, highlighting free programs available in your community

  16. - Helpful information regarding Saint Clare's Hospital, Denville Campus, where we at Skylands Pediatrics are also on staff